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This site is no longer maintained as of July 1, 2015

Welcome to Mrs. Beatty's Web Site!

My vision of high school is a place where all students have the opportunity to bridge the gap from childhood to adulthood, a place where they begin to dream of what they would like for a lifetime career, a place where an educator's job is to introduce many ideas and possibilities to help students make those dreams come true. If we are inspirational and supportive enough, we hope to help our students catch those dreams and ride into the future happier, more prepared, and with the tools to be more productive in today's society.

As a Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant and educator my goal is to make a difference in the lives of learners by allowing them to become aware of their potential, aiding them to develop the necessary strategies to achieve their goals and providing them with the tools to access educational content.  I prepare students to become independent learners, critical thinkers, problem solvers, collaborative workers and responsible contributors in society.  I am a bridge between students, teachers and parents.  I help teachers see what a positive difference they can make for students when instruction is differentiated and addresses a variety of learning styles and intelligences.  Additionally, I provide parents with information about the academic and emotional needs of their children and help them plan for their transition to post-secondary opportunities.

Contact Information:

Name: Gerry Beatty, LDT-C - Child Study Team Chairperson
Dept: Child  Study Team
Bldg: Old Tappan
Voicemail: 201-784-1600 x24420

Location: My office is located in A100, Child Study Team