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Northern Valley Regional High School District
Board of Education Goals

  • The Northern Valley Regional High School District and Board are committed to excellence in the classroom and opportunity to reward personal student effort.  Pursuant to final approved Advanced Placement Program recommendations, the professional team of administrators, directors and supervisors during the 2013-2014 school year will implement this new focus and structure of course levels. During the 2013-2014 academic school year, in addition to AP and Honors level courses, College Prep courses will be referred to as College Prep Enriched (CPE) and those referred to as “Essentials” (now titled “General”) or “Scholastic” will be referred to as College Prep (CP) to reflect the new reality of expectations given a focus that all students have the ability to be prepared to succeed at the college level.  Clear expectations and consistency, course level assessment, increased rigor across disciplines, opportunity for student success within a challenging learning environment, support for success, and last, student accountability will be measured for the first time through Student Growth Objective monitoring and attainment.
  • The District has adopted the Marshall evaluation rubric for professional teaching and administrative staff.  The Board will assure that the necessary resources, monitoring and successful transition to the new evaluation system be realized by the end of the 2014-2015 school year as measured by 100% compliance and development of two Student Growth Objectives (SGOs) for each teacher, the development of a baseline assessment or rubric and demonstrated progress made for each student associated with student growth objectives. SGOs are annual, specific, and measureable academic goals based on growth and achievement for groups of students.
  • Pursuant to the final report of the Student Success and Wellbeing Committee, The Board promotes the exploration of new programs and best practices to ensure that all students have a successful, positive high school experience with regard to their academics, extracurricular activities and overall well-being.~To that end, student assistance will be offered throughout the day in Academic Development Center areas in the respective library media centers staffed by English and Mathematics teachers. In addition, the Board will support the expansion of the SOMO program to include all students, staff and parents with an outreach to our sending school districts.  Furthermore, the Board will approve an Option II policy for the District.
  • A transition to the 22nd Century is contingent upon successful means of communication and monitoring internal and external to the District.  The Board of Education values the need to transition the District to expand the use of technology by supporting goals and objectives that incorporate interactive learning, expansion of social media and enhancement of communication and learning within a digitized and personal learning environment.  The District is also committed to explore the feasibility of a 1:1 technology platform with the assistance of consultant assistance.


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