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Curriculum objectives inclusive of priority learning standards for each grade level can be found below.

K 1

High School

The History of The Office of Curriculum and Instruction

The Regional Office of Curriculum and Instruction was established in January 1961 because of the interest of school board members and school administrators in the region in improving the articulation of instructional programs among the sending elementary districts and the receiving regional high school district. Over the years, with substantial progress made in the areas of articulation and with the emergence of state mandated "Thorough and Efficient" requirements, the role of the Office has become increasingly significant in the areas of curriculum improvement, staff development, grant writing, and program assessment. The Office, commonly referred to as the Curriculum Center, provides an effective vehicle for educational planning, curriculum development, staff development, information services, evaluation services, as well as the administration, coordination, and supervision of regional projects.



The Regional Office is supported by the following school districts: Closter, Demarest, Harrington Park, Haworth, Northvale, Norwood, Old Tappan and the Northern Valley Regional High School District. The High School District administers the funds and supervises the Office operations. Personnel of the Office includes the Director, Administrative Secretary, Associate Secretary, the Supervisor of Professional Learning, and two part-time Staff Developers.

The eight school districts served by the regional Office include fourteen school buildings, fifty-four board members, over 500 professional educators, and more than 6,500 students. These districts have been commended by the New Jersey State Department of Education for their cooperative efforts to strengthen curriculum and instruction, and by NJASCD and NJEA for their work in the area of professional development.