Professional Learning Academy

Please click the infographic below for more information on the Northern Valley Professional Learning Academy.

In 2011 the Northern Valley Curriculum Center, the NVCC, proposed a Learning Academy for new teachers entering the Northern Valley Schools. At that time there was much anticipation related to changes taking place throughout the educational community. New requirements would need to be accomplished for evaluation, implementation of new standards, a new generation of assessment and data collection.

It was clear that new opportunities would need to become available for educators as they entered this new complex environment of teaching and learning.

Additionally, a growing body of data was showing that as much as 50% of teachers entering the field were leaving within 5 years. The constant recycling of new teachers can take a toll on the educational culture of even the most successful schools. It has been the goal of the NVCC to bring high quality professional learning to teachers to build student achievement in the classroom. For decades a one year program has been available but there was now agreement that the success of program should be extended to three years. In 2013 the first group of teachers completed the 3-year course of study and the associated learning opportunities.