Institute for Interactive Design Technology (IIDT) at Northern Valley


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The application will open on Monday, October 12, 2020.

About the Program:

Located on the two campuses of the Northern Valley Regional High School district, the Institute for Interactive Design Technology is a free public high school choice for Bergen County residents. This Career & Technical Education program introduces students to the exciting field of UX/UI Design. UX refers to User Experience Design, while UI refers to User Interface Design. This evolving multidisciplinary field underlies many of today’s fastest growing industries, including web-based communications, advertising, and entertainment. UX/UI design is driven by the imperative to design something that meets a user’s needs and inspires consumers to want to engage with a digital product.

Today’s designers must be entrepreneurs observing market trends, exploiting innovation, creating intellectual property, and applying aesthetic solutions to enhance the value of a product, service or experience. In this program, students will witness UX design at work and evaluate its effectiveness through movies and television, video games, mobile technology, hardware, museum exhibits and of course, the web. Throughout, students will also be introduced to a variety of technology hardware and software, including virtual reality, app design, and 3D modeling software, to name a few.

Students accepted to the program are Bergen County Technical High School students, who may choose to attend this full-time satellite program at Northern Valley Regional High School’s Old Tappan or Demarest campus, and are eligible to participate in NVRHS sports, clubs, and activities. Please see the Admissions Brochure on this site for information regarding academic requirements, CTE courses, and a list of clubs and activities offered at NVRHS.