Child Find

Children (ages 3-21)
Including migrant and homeless children


Region III schools are sponsoring a Child Find campaign to locate and provide services for unserved/underserved youth, including migrant and homeless children with a delay or disability from birth through twenty-one years of age. Children may exhibit physical, mental, language or emotional difficulties. Local District’s Child Study Teams provide screening, evaluation, guidance services and, if a child is found eligible, educational programs. These are provided free for those who need services.

How to Obtain Assistance for Special Education and 504 Services

If you would like to request an evaluation for your child, please send a written request for an evaluation to your public school district child study team office. Please include your child’s name, age, address and suspected disability and your contact information.

After your request is received, your local district will set up an appointment. The team will decide at the time of the appointment whether an evaluation is needed.

If you are concerned your child ages 3-21 is developing or learning differently, you may call the Region III office at (201) 768-2200 ext. 12250, or your local child study as follows:

Alpine (201) 768-8255 ext. 1115
Closter (201) 768-3860 ext. 41119
Demarest (201) 768-6060 ext. 53440
Harrington Park (201) 768-5700 ext. 38609
Haworth (201) 384-5526 ext. 35123
Northern Valley Regional HS District (201) 768-3200 ext. 12230
Northvale (201) 768-8484 ext. 30227
Norwood (201) 768-6363 ext. 60249
Old Tappan (201) 664-7231 ext. 1201

Additional Information
may be accessed at the following web address or phone number:

1-800-322-8174….TTY: 609-984-8432….toll free 24 hours a day

Infant and Toddlers (under the age of three)

If your child should be crawling, walking or talking but is not, call for information about resources and services for your child under the age of 3.

New Jersey Early Intervention System Statewide toll-free number:
1-888-NJ-EI-INFO, 1-888-653-4463
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