NVOT Makers Day

NVOT Makers Day
Posted on 04/20/2018

Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan


Ms. Janice Cooper, Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan Library Media Specialist, coordinated Makers Space Day in the NVOT Media Center on Friday, March 9, 2018. Multiple content teachers accompanied their students to the NVOT Media Center to work on problems.


The Supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park can erupt anytime now.  It has erupted three times in the past and geologists theorize that it is overdue for an event.  Ten Biology and two Art classes at Northern Valley Old Tappan designed disaster relief plans and created prototypes for safety devices as a Makers Space Day activity in the Library Media Center.


When the Supervolcano blows, lava will flow over areas in Wyoming . . . but that will be least of our worries.  Ash will fall across the entire country, dumping a dense coating over everything: fields, houses, reservoirs . . . In the New York City area, the coating will be 1” to 3” thick.  The ash will partially block the sun, lowering temperatures and shortening the growing season.  Tons of poisonous chemicals, like sulphur dioxide, will be released into the atmosphere.  Food, clean air and water, and fuel will be scarce. Respiratory diseases and stress-related illnesses will mushroom.  What can we do to prepare for these life-threatening hazards?


Teams of students made air-filtration systems for individuals and for residences.  They made water conservation devices and irrigation systems.  They made alternative energy fuel cells.  They made mental health clinics and stress balls. 

They were engaged and involved in this possible life or death struggle.  They used prior knowledge and current creativity to participate in this dynamic hands-on problem-solving activity.


Makers Space Day activities were conducted across New Jersey on March 9, 2018 for school library media centers and March 10, 2018 for public libraries.  The Northern Valley School Libraries are active members of NJ Makers Consortium.


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