Theatre Arts Program

Theater Arts Program
Posted on 01/16/2019
Dr. Bruce Sabatini, Principal at Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan, Dr. Timothy Gouraige, Principal at Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest, Mr. Jonathan Harris, NVRHS District Supervisor of Related Arts, and Mr. Charles Miller, NV Teacher of Theatre Arts are proud of the following NVOT and NVD students who excelled in the Speech and Theatre Arts of New Jersey Competition at Montclair State University on January 12, 2019.

*1st Place and the Governor’s Award for Comedic Monologue
Allison McGowan - NVOT

*1st Place and the Governor’s Award Improvisational Pairs
Alexandra Humphries and Joseph Rubano - NVOT
*4th Place - Caroline Demcsik - NVD

Comedic Monologue
*1st Place -Allison McGowan -NVOT
*3rd Place - Jeremy Shinder - NVD
*4th Place -Caroline Demcsik NVOT

Improvisational Pairs
*1st Place -Alexandra Humphries & Joesph Rubano -NVOT
*4th Place - Jeremy Shinder & Chad Marge - NVD
*Finalists - Balazs David & Madison Westenhiser - NVD

Dramatic Pairs
*2nd Place -Lizzie Venezia & Sophie Ferrara -NVOT
*6th Place - Chloe Crosnier & Sarah Kushner - NVD
*Finalists - Justin Park & Isabella Scanlan- NVD

*2nd Place: - "Perchance"
Chad Marge, Adrianna Dipple, Balazs David, Isabella Scanlan - NVD
*5th Place -“Family 2.0” OT
(Joseph Rubano, Allison McGowan, Lacy Bibb, Ryan Zangolglia, & Paolo Nunez - NVOT)

Best Actor
*2nd Place: Chad Marge - NVD

Best Actress
*2nd Place: Isabella Scanlan - NVD

Dramatic Monologue
*5th Place: Isabella Scanlan - NVD
*6th Place: Chad Marge - NVD

Musical Duet
*2nd Place: Harlie Epstein & Lucy Stratton - NVD
*3rd Place: Justin Han & Jeremy Shinder - NVD

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