Character Education

Building an Ethical Community of Learners

Northern Valley Regional District Philosophy

We at Northern Valley Regional High School District, provide an environment in which each student seeks answers to questions, challenges assumptions and develops self-worth. Our high schools encourage individual academic excellence, aesthetic appreciation and moral integrity. Recognition of academic and cultural diversity promotes mutual respect and acceptance.
We provide a framework for the immediate and future concerns of our students. Such provisions require a constantly critical reevaluation of curriculum and course design to keep abreast of global research and new techniques within our respective disciplines. We promote students respect for learning and their desire to acquire knowledge through traditional as well as appropriate technological means.
Education requires a shared commitment. Therefore, the responsibility of the community is to support and complement the schools' philosophy and goals. This joint commitment of students, professional staff, Board of Education and community forms the basis for a challenging and effective program.

Reflecting this district philosophy, our character education initiative embraces the core values of respect, integrity, responsibility and citizenship in all that we do. In the context of an ever-changing world, these values are vital tools needed to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. It is our belief that it is only through a partnership of community, school and family that we can create student learners of good character.

Defining our Core Values

Respect - Honor the worth and dignity of all individuals. Act courteously, civilly, peaceably, and nonviolently. Be tolerant and accepting of differences. (Josephson Institute)
Integrity - Be honest. Don't deceive, cheat, or steal. Be reliable - do what you say you'll do. Have the courage to do the right thing. Build a good reputation. Be loyal - stand by your family, friends, and country. (Josephson Institute)
Responsibility - Be accountable for your words, actions, and attitudes. Strive for excellence and self-improvement. Set a good example for others. (Josephson Institute)
Citizenship - Obey laws in good faith. Do your share to improve the well-being of fellow citizens and the community. (Josephson Institute)


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