Gifted and Talented

NVRHS Gifted and Talented Program-


The district has a process to identify gifted and talented students that includes multiple measures in order to identify student strengths in various intellectual abilities, creativity, or specific academic areas. The identification process shall include consideration of all students, including those who are English language learners and those with Individualized Education Plans or 504 plans; we maintain a list of students identified as gifted and talented in each grade for each school in the school district; the district has developed and documented appropriate curricular and instructional modifications used for gifted and talented students indicating content, process, products, and learning environment, and including but not limited to additional education activities such as academic competitions, unique experiences, or guest speakers.


Gifted students may display unique creativity, productive thinking and leadership traits or may exhibit talent in the visual or performing arts. As such, once a gifted student has been identified, our course offerings and extensive extracurricular activities are easily accessible to all students. Our use of data informed instruction allows teachers the opportunity to adjust the learning environment in real time using technology and performance-based learning to meet the unique needs of the gifted learner in every classroom environment. 


Furthermore, we work closely with our sending districts to ensure that the students who have been identified using the multiple measures including: CoGAT, Renzulli Scales, SAGES, Teacher recommendations, parent nominations, NJSLA/ MAP/ LinkIt, and Primary education Thinking Skills (P.E.T.S.), continue to be appropriately challenged upon entering the high school setting. Those who have not been identified prior to entering high school have the opportunity to discuss their interest in joining the program during with the Gifted and Talented coordinator. The Gifted and Talented coordinator also screens new students and previously unidentified students by way of reviewing teacher recommendations and our universal screening tools such as Renaissance Learning. 


As per the Northern Valley Identification Process, outside testing is not considered for screening purposes.  However, a copy of any test scores from outside sources will be added to the student's Identification Profile portfolio.  Parents or students may appeal the selection committee's decision in writing. Written notification must be submitted stating the request for an appeal. A meeting will be scheduled with the Gifted and Talented Coordinator, the student and the parent to discuss the appeal. Final decisions on all appeals will be made by the Chief School Administrator.           


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